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The perfect lawn. A lush, soft green carpet. And it’s not that hard to achieve. Check out Andy McIndoe’s gardening course from MyGardenSchool if you want to achieve lawn magic

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Planting Broad Beans Now

As broad beans are frost hardy, it’s easy to grow them through the winter, either outside or under the cover of a garden frame. So I’m giving it a go planting them now. I don’t have an enormous amount of space for them in the rather crowded vegetable bed – so I’m growing a dwarf variety.

MyGardenSchool's Broad Beans

My Broad Beans - Ready to Plant

Broad beans are actually one of the oldest vegetables grown by humans dating back to 6,500 BC, however up until recently broad beans were not grown as a vegetable but as a cattle food. Luckily that is no more, broad beans are such a fantastic tasting vegetable yet they are so incredibly easy to grow.

The seeds are large, they germinate fast, no special care or attention is required, they’re quickly ready for harvesting and a very easy vegetable to grow. You should dig the spot where you plan to grow broad beans incorporating well rotted manure or compost while digging. The spot should be in a sunny location in soil that is free draining. They will grow well in most soil types but for a larger crop better conditions are required.

Sow seeds 8 inches apart in rows that are twelve inches apart. You may wish to sow some extra seeds in a seedbed or containers indoors to fill the gaps where the seeds do not germinate successfully.

I’ll report back on how we get on with ours – maybe with a timelapse video so you can see how they’re fairing.

MyGardenSchool Loves This Thinking on Education

At MyGardenSchool we pride ourselves on pioneering and being ahead of the game on the latest educational thinking and techniques. We’re designing our courses to help people enjoy as well as absorb fascinating information about horticulture and gardening. See (
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). Learning should be fun. We like this vid..