What to do in the Garden in Feb – Last chance to plant garlic!

Get planting your garlic! It’s your very last chance to plant garlic.  This is because garlic needs 30 nights below 10°C to trigger growth – any less and you-ll probably end up eating it as an undeveloped bulb.

Some garlics we like for late plantng:

  • Printanor This is called wet or green garlic (it looks more like an onion), and actually has a lovely mild flavour, which is delicious in soups.
  • Spanish Roja Hardneck (Rocambole) This variety is closest to wild garlic and naturally forms a seed stalk or scape which curls into a characteristic loop.
  • Thermidrome produces ivory white cloves of garlic in summer.  The bulbs are ready when the leaves begin to turn yellow.
  • Wight Cristo English production of pure white bulbs with an elegant bouquet, ideal for a wide range of dishes. Long keeping bulbs
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