Grow Your Own Veg – we like this video!

Now is the season to be thinking about what vegetables you want to grow for the forthcoming year. Growing your own veg can be so rewarding as well as nutritious. You don’t even need a garden – many successful vegetable beds are now being born on city balconies and nurtured window boxes. It can also save you pennies – seems to us that everyone should do it! We like this video from The National Trust on growing your own veggies. More on this soon – *trundles off to finish making some raised veg beds*

Grow Your Own Veg
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.
    • James
    • February 26th, 2010

    Growing vegetables on your balcony is a great idea. I have limited space in my yard, so I grow some vegetables in planters on my patio. The ones in planters also don’t have as much trouble with insects and pests as the ones in the yard. Speaking of which, what insect spray do you use? I found this organic insect spray, but wanted someone’s input:

  1. Great video! A lot of useful tips and information. Thanks for sharing

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