The Ace of Spades..

Those of you who follow this blog regularly – may remember that I recently blogged about buying a trusty new spade.  I’ve always really been a fan of vintage garden tools as I’m terribly fond of many old tools I’ve acquired from my grandparents (aka the Gods of gardening).  So I have been quite fixed on sticking to my friendly old comfortable vintage spades and forks.  Practical, comfy, and trusted; my vintage spades were the Clarks shoes of the spade world.  But through a stealth move of posting on this blog and sending me a spade to trial – Bulldog persuaded me I should at least give a couple of their spanking new spades a go.

Well (and it’s terribly rare that this happens!) – I have to admit that I may have been wrong all these years in sticking to my sensible old spades..!  I’ve been trialling two Bulldog spades (more the Christian Louboutins of the spade world).  I’m now in the process of digging a vegetable bed and a large herbaceous border, on tough going ground that has previously been lawn.   Crikey what a difference!   What I’ve discovered is that until using the Bulldog spades, I’d never really experienced a good one.  I thought I had.   But in fact as it turns out, with my comfy Clarks, I just didn’t know what I was missing.  I’ve been putting in far more blood, sweat and tears than is required, by working with quaint old tools that don’t really cut it.  These new spades are pretty damn good I have to say.  They slice right through the soil, have great tread, and they’re not bad looking either.  I’ve probably dug my beds in half the time I would have done.  Upgrading from Clarks to Louboutins has also freed me up to take gratuitous garden pictures and paint my toenails red..Nice


  1. Elspeth, Thankyou for putting your faith in us a testing the Bulldog Spades. I don’t think I would want to dig the garden in my bare feet like you, but well done for trying! We are delighted you like the tools,enjoy using them. Stuart

    • Great site, I think we can all learn something from your idea.this is fantastic looking blog..and I love the way you write!

      • Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying us. Please let us know if there are particular gardening topics you are interested in (this goes to all of you. We love our readeers :o)

    • Juerg Hummel
    • May 3rd, 2010

    Hi Elspeth – Should you really be digging up the tulips yet? I see you took the sensible option of removing the Louboutins before getting down to work. How carefully the nail varnish has been chosen to match the blooms (or was it the other way round?). How is Billy taking your messing about with Bulldogs?

  2. Haha.. all valid questions! (I have been watching the election too – where no-one answers questions :o)

  3. Stuart – seriously – I am impressed with the spades

  4. I have tried out and enjoyed the Bulldog Spades as well. Very good product

  5. It was rather interesting for me to read this blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Bella Kuree

  6. Dear Elspeth, that is a great blog! And – although I’m always open do do a “blind test” (= not looking at the label), I found out, that concerning tools there are really huge differences in utility and practability. So often the ‘brands’ are worth their money! Britta

  7. Hi Britta- I totally agree. I also think it’s important to trial any tools that you write about – to give an honest view. We’re open to testing any gardening related products – but always with a level playing field in mind; rather than sponsorship.

    PS – I know those icons are horrid aren’t they! Will try and change..:o)

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