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Could our Lawns, be costing the Earth?


When is a lawn not green? when it's costing the earth to maintain

Lawns are becoming less and less environmentally friendly.  With increased irrigation costs and petrol prices going through the roof, how long can we afford to keep our lawns green?

If you took all the lawns in the US, they would cover the entire state of Mississippi

800 million gallons of fuel are used in the US per year to cut lawns which equates to 5% of the US’s total CO2 omissions, because lawn mowers are so inefficient!

2.5% of that 800 million gallons of fuel is spilt while trying to fill the lawn mower tanks, which is equivalent to one Exxon Valdez oil spill per year.

Statistics taken from a lecture from MIT given by Alex MacLean in March 2006