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Call a spade a spade? How to choose a decent spade..

If you’re passionate about gardening  – the chances are you probably take pride in your shed and your beloved garden tools.

I still have my grandfather’s spade which is a beautiful sturdy beast that’s been going for decades.  But recently it was time for Grandpa’s spade to retire due to overwork.  This meant is was time for me to make friends with a replacement spade.  I wasn’t really sure where to start.  A spade’s a spade innit?  Well not really.  They’re kind of like a well rounded pair of shoes – they need to fit you, look good, and be comfortable and durable.  A good spade is definitely one that is comfortable to use and effective. This means that it needs to be the right length, a comfortable tread, not too heavy and the blade must not be blunt.  Although there are many spanking new spades that fulfil this criteria, there’s also something very beautiful about antique and second hand garden tools I think.  Like they could tell a story.  Why not be green and give a good home to a vintage spade off eBay like I did?  If you are determined to buy new – I was pleasantly surprised to find that Amazon do a good range in garden tools too.  Happy digging!